Sunita Staneslow - Creative Director
Sunita is an American/Israeli harpist and a teacher and performer at harp festivals and conferences several times a year. Though decades of experience she has learned what makes a good harp festival or conference, and brings this knowledge to bear on the Holyland Harp Gathering.

Sunita also organizes number of other events in Israel, including performances and workshops for visiting harpists, and the first Israeli Harp Festival in Jaffa in 2011 which was designed for local harpists with great success. She was also a member of the organising committee for the 2012 International Harp Contest in Israel.

Sunita is planning the workshops, concerts and other events for the gathering, together with the guest instructors. She will be the primary host for the gathering and will be with the participants from their arrival at the airport until the gathering ends. In addition to organising the event, Sunita will present workshops, perform, and be available for private lessons.

Fred Schlomka - Tour Director
Fred is Sunita's husband and longtime partner in unusual musical ventures. He owns a travel company, Green Olive Tours, and has built up expertise over the years in organising and managing tours and special events. His tours are renowned for their unique content and highly qualified guides.

Fred's family has lived in Israel/Palestine for eight generations, and his wealth of personal and professional knowledge of the country will be at the disposal of the participants of the Harp Gathering.

Fred is responsible for all the details that are essential to making the gathering a success - from the transportation and accommodation to the handling of the harps. 

Yahav Zohar - Senior Tour Guide
Yahav Zohar was born in Jerusalem and has lived in the city all his life. He has been a journalist, a translator, a political activist and a spokesperson for human rights and a sustainable political solution in Israel-Palestine.

He currently works as a guide throughout Israel, combining historical and religious knowledge  with a firm grasp of the political situation, gained through years of involvement with Peace and Justice groups.

As senior Guide, Yahav works closely with Green Olive tours in developing itineraries and conducting tours for special groups. He is licensed as a tour guide by the Israeli Tourism Ministry. Here's what one satisfied client had to say: "The tour and guide and entire experience were without question the finest I have ever experienced. . . . . one of the most remarkable days of my life." - G.M. New Jersey, USA