Thursday, January 13, 2000

ARCHIVE - 2103 Holy Land Harp Gathering 18th – 24th October

If you are interested in more information about the 2013 Holyland Harp Gathering please provide us with your name and email address and we will send you periodic updates.

The Harp Gathering will be an integrated blend of guided touring and harp workshops, seminars, lectures and performances. You will visit historical and religious sites with expert guides, participate in workshops in unique environments, meet local harpists and personalities.

The details currently on this website are continually being updated but will contain definitive information by the end of November 2012 and registration will be open by December 1st. 

The development of the Holyland Harp Gathering is the result of a partnership between Harpist Sunita Staneslow and her husband Fred Schlomka, director of Green Olive Tours.

Based in the Holyland, the couple have pooled their skills built up over many years, and designed an exciting experience for participants. Sunita, a harpist's harpist,  has long been a fixture at Harp conferences and festivals in the USA, Canada, and Europe. Fred has an eclectic background, and established Green Olive Tours which specialises in off the beaten track touring in the Middle East.

Together they have designed the Harp Gathering to bring harp performers and enthousiasts from all over the world to the Holyland for a trip of a lifetime, including touring historical and religious sites, learning from the guest instructors and Sunita, and attending performances and special events. One or two other harpists of renown will be invited for each event, to conduct workshops, lectures and performances.

The Harp Gathering also provides opportunities for local harpists in Israel to meet and learn with the guests from abroad, providing a cross-cultural experience for everyone.