Saturday, January 1, 2000

ARCHIVE - 2013 Workshops

Creativity and musicality will be featured in the workshops.  Several of the workshops will be team taught so that   classes can be divided by levels of ability, allowing time for individual attention.

The hands on workshops will be held for three days.  Concerts will be interspersed throughout the gathering. There will be time every day to speak with the instructors and fellow harpists and share ideas in information. Most meals will be spent together and there will be jam sessions for those who are interested. This will be a week-long immersion in music & travel, Israeli/Palestinian issues, and forming lasting friendships with others who share the same passion for the harp.

One day will be spent in Tel Aviv at the home of Nili, co-owner of Ayelet’s String, the Israeli Harp Shop. Nili has several pedal and lever harps that can be used by those who are not able to bring theirs.  Two days of workshops will be in the northern Galilee town of Rosh Pinah at the showroom of the Israeli harp builder, Peter Isacovitch, of Woodsong Harps.   He also will have some extra lever harps so that most of the learning can be hands-on. However you are encouraged to bring a harp if possible.

The workshops will be designed to inspire.  Ideas will be shared so that they can be learned using a small lap harp, but the information can be transferred to your harp at home.

Nicolas Carter is a world-class performer who is also trained in theater.  Nicolas will use his skills and experience to work with you to enhance your creativity and confidence as a musician.  We all feel the music inside, but projecting the sound, rhythm and phrasing through our fingers can sometimes be a struggle.  Nicolas will help unleash your creative potential!

Sunita will expand on her Art of the Arpeggio workshops and work on creating musical phrases.  Start adding the magic of suspended chords and add the 9th to your arpeggios.  Work on breathing with your phrases to create improvisations that can be used as introductions or interludes.

Saturday 19th October - (Workshops open for Israeli harpists also.)
13.00-14.00   lunch
14.00-15.15  Workshop: Traditional Paraguayan Harmonies,  Nicolas Carter   Workshop: Introduction to Therapeutic Harp Music--weaving soothing improvisations
16.45-17.00  coffee, goodbyes and getting on bus
17.00 bus leaves for Jerusalem

Introduction to Therapeutic Harp Music - Sunita Staneslow
Learn how to improvise a soothing melody over a descending bass and flow seamlessly between two arpeggios. Sunita will share with you a few ways to lay a blanket of calming music. Learning to control phrases and sound graceful are skills that you can use for any style of music. Sunita  has worked at the Schneider Children's Medical Center in Petah Tikva for six years and is a certified as a therapeutic musician. A relaxed body allows the music to also sound more free and relaxed. This will be a workshop for the body and soul!

Traditional Paraguayan Harmonies - Nicolas Carter
This workshop will explore ways the Paraguayan harpists approach chords and create melodic harmonies between right and left hand.  The rapid harmonic patterns that are played as decorative motifs in Paraguayan music are a multiple combination of well established hand positions that require exchanging positions between left and right hand. Even if you have never played Latin American music, you will learn about a different way to approach harmonies that can inspire your own arrangements of folk music.

Nicolas Carter is both a composer and arranger and is one of the leading presenters at American Folk Harp Festivals. He holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in theatre directing from the University of Minnesota and was a Fulbright scholar in France.  Nicolas was raised in Paraguay and has lived his adult life in the USA. Last year, Nicolas was awarded a Fulbright grant to teach kids theater and music in Uruguay. He is a dynamic and patient teacher.  Come and be inspired!